Libreria Scholars is a programme for girls aged between 12-17 to receive free access to the library at Libreria and a full programme of mentoring and support to help them become critical thinkers, conscious social actors and confident young women, in short, future changemakers.

In addition to gaining free access to the library and the knowledge it contains, the girls will become part of a self-development community. Once a month, they will come into Libreria to meet with each other and their mentors in a full day programme, getting together to discuss a range of issues in a book club meets discussion group meets seminar meets workshop format. Teaching will be combined with training in presentation and communication skills, among other important abilities. Peer-to-peer learning is an important and integral part of the Scholars programme creating an environment in which everyone is learning from each other.

By taking part in the programme, girls will learn how to:

  • be inquisitive;
  • read critically;
  • be confident in their thinking and abilities;
  • prize intelligence and value knowledge;
  • leverage their skills to be change makers in their communities and in society as a whole.

With reading lists and texts grounded in an African feminist curriculum, the Scholars will gain knowledge of self and pride in their identities as young African women.

It is hoped that the girls will use Libreria Scholars as a jumping off point into further formal and informal education and social activism.