The programme will last six months, starting from April 2018, to coincide with the Easter vacation.

Each month, the girls will be assigned a book to read from the Afro-Feminist canon. Once a month we will meet for at Liberia for both a day of both formal and informal learning, discussion, and sharing. This will include:

  • Book club: Reading an empowering list of books and engaging in structured discussions
  • Guest talks by accomplished women
  • Watching and deconstructing talks, e.g. TED Talks, by accomplished women
  • Discussions on what’s happening in Ghana, Africa, and the world and what we can do as a group to effect positive change
  • Training in communication and presentation skills e.g. public speaking
  • Each one, teach one – empowering the girls to share the knowledge they’ve gained with their friends, other girls in their schools and in the local community.